Cozmo the dung beetle just wants to dig down into a delicious bison poop patty, but he has a problem. He can’t land on one! Can Cozmo figure out how to land on a poop patty, so he can help the prairie?
With lively text from Hilary Whiton and humorous illustrations from Stephen Stone, The Poopicorn is the perfect picture book for any kid who loves to learn about unique animals!

$22 Autographed Hardback

$11 Autographed Paperback

About Hilary

Hilary grew up in Boulder, Colorado and earned her B.A. and teaching credential from the University of San Diego. She has taught kindergarten through second grade and worked as a literacy interventionist. A proud Coloradan and outdoor enthusiast, Hilary is passionate about preserving nature by educating children about the importance of all creatures. She currently lives in Louisville, Colorado with her husband, three children, and two dogs.

Hilary Whiton was fortunate to be surrounded by lots of wonderful children’s literature as a child, including her favorite books Eloise and Madeline. She loved to think about what it would be like to run free in the Plaza Hotel in New York or to live in a boarding school in France! Growing up in Boulder, Colorado with outdoor-loving parents meant she was regularly chasing her two older brothers skiing, biking, hiking, and even SCUBA diving. As well as giving her an appreciation for nature, this lifestyle also gave her a tenacious disposition from constantly trying to keep pace. As her family can attest, she has made a regular habit of rescuing animals in need. Notable rescues include: massaging a snake out of a sticky mouse trap, using peanut butter crackers to lure a stray puppy to safety, and bringing home an unwanted dog while picking up her daughter from dance class. Her husband has claimed that he can tell by the tone in her voice if she has brought home another creature. After graduating from Fairview High School in Boulder, Hilary attended the University of San Diego with the goal of becoming a marine biologist. But during her sophomore year, she became captivated by a class in elementary education, changed her major, and embarked upon a career in education. Although she left marine biology behind, her elementary curricula always included nature, drawing from her experiences growing up outdoors in Colorado as well as her biology studies. Over the years, Hilary has amassed a large collection of picture books and has immersed her three children in literature. They are relieved that she is finally writing her own book, so that she will have less time to correct their grammar and proofread their writing. The Poopicorn is the fulfillment of a long held dream. She hopes that children will find her books both humorous and informative about the wonders of nature.


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